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Pi Garage Door and Gate is a 100% American owned and operated company trusted by families all over Ventura County. With a clear approach of helping customers, we offer on the spot service, repair and installation of several garage doors, gates and motors. When it comes to garage door fixtures and repairs, we are the experts and no job is too complex for us. In addition to repairing a garage door and gate, we also install new motors, replace springs on any type of garage doors and gates.

Common Garage Doors Malfunctions

Ventura Garage Door Services - broken spring replacement

Broken Spring Replacement

To have garage door broken can be very frustrating! Have you ever tried to open a garage door that had broken springs? If so you may have hurt your back. It is not easy to do at all. If you have a garage, you may find yourself lifting up the doors several times a day and rolling the door up as many times. Take a second to think about how a garage works. The garage door is made up of parts that work together that each have a specific function. If something is not working right, the task of opening the door can become challenging. The garage door spring is under pressure each time the door is lifted up. These springs have a lot of tension and if there is something that will stop them from recoiling than it can lead to a dangerous situation. If the cables break, you are at risk for getting seriously injured. In this case, you will have more to worry about than just a broken garage door.

Garage Door Cable Repair

There are several different things that can go wrong with the cables. Some cables wind around the drum incorrectly causing the door to jam. The door may droop on one side, and it will stick when it is lowered. Cables may unwind improperly and will need to be connected again. The pulleys may also wear out. The cable will not be able to go through the pulley, and the door may become stuck. The pulley may need to be replaced if this happens.
The garage door cable may break. Cables become old and may become worn out. Cables will wear and tear like anything else. They will become weak over time. Rust can also affect the cables. Rust leads to corrosion and can eat through the cable. Frying is another problem with garage door cables. This can cause the cable to snap. Image a rope. It is made of small units of rope that are all wound together. The cables of the garage door work in a similar manner. There are many cables put together to make a thick and robust cable. If the little cables begin to break this will affect the other cables and lead to a break. A broken cable is a huge problem. A certified garage door repair company should be called in to handle this problem.

Garage Door Off Track Repair

If your off-track door is stuck somewhere between open and closed, do not try to keep using it! You could cause more damage, leading to more repairs. The security issue of having the door stuck open is another reason you’ll want to call us right away.

Our best garage door repair tip for this situation is to call in a team who deals with these incidents daily, as attempting to repair the door on your own can be very dangerous. Garage doors are extremely heavy and can easily collapse and injure you. Leave it to us and we’ll have your garage door up and running again in no time!

Motor Making Noise

Worn gears inside the garage door opener’s motor unit can make grinding or buzzing noises. Replace the gear and sprocket assembly or the drive and worm gears when they’re worn and making noises. A worn belt or chain and cable assembly can also make noise-tighten chain or belt tension to correct this problem.

Squeaking/Grinding Noise

A garage door grinding noise could be from a loose roller or hinge. Try lubricating the parts to stop the grinding noise. Improper installation or a stripped out trolley may need help from a professional. Slapping: A loose chain could make a slapping sound against the garage door opener.

Cracks Or Gaps In Door

Gaps at the bottom of garage doors are very common. They are usually a result of the ground under the door moving. Garage door manufactures realize this, so many of them put a rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door. This helps keep rodents and rain out, as well as, adjust for the unevenness of the concrete. If gaps appear at the bottom of your garage doors let us know, we can take care of it .

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